The Mistresses of Merriment Can’t Be Tamed Parody – A Re-Release

Oh, Miley… Originally inspired by the Can’t Be Tamed music video by Miley Cyrus, Can’t Be Shamed is a ‘musicatirical’ comedy, an entertaining glimpse into the daily lives of fictional characters Viley Virus (Miley Cyrus), Willie May Kit (Billy Ray Cyrus), and Vanna Sluttana (Tish Cyrus). It is inspired by a music video of rhyming title in which the teenage star of the film appears wearing giant black wings, while singing and strutting about in a defiant ‘coming of age’ fashion.

We’ve re-uploaded it in high quality so you all can enjoy it on your HD phones and computers. You can catch it here, Whatsit Watchers. Tell us what you think!

-xo Maggie Lynn and Peg (aka the Mistresses of Merriment)


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